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Top 50 AutoCAD Shortcuts and Commands - Boost Your Efficiency

Updated: May 25, 2023

As professionals in the field of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), we know that time is a valuable resource. Every minute counts when it comes to drafting and design, which is why we've compiled a list of the top 50 AutoCAD shortcuts and commands to help you save time and improve your efficiency.

AutoCAD is a powerful software that enables architects, engineers, and designers to create 2D and 3D models with precision and accuracy. By using the following shortcuts and commands, you can navigate through the program with ease and speed up your workflow.

Navigation Shortcuts in AutoCAD

Navigation shortcuts allow you to zoom, pan, and rotate your drawings quickly and easily. The following shortcuts can help you navigate through AutoCAD smoothly and efficiently:

  • Zoom In/Out: ZOOM

  • Pan: PAN

  • Redraw: RE

  • Undo: U

  • Redo: R

  • Previous View: VPREV

Editing Shortcuts in AutoCAD

Editing shortcuts are essential for modifying your drawings accurately and quickly. The following shortcuts can help you make changes to your drawings with ease:

  • Copy: CO

  • Move: M

  • Rotate: RO

  • Scale: SC

  • Erase: E

  • Trim: TR

  • Extend: EX

  • Offset: O

Object Selection Shortcuts in AutoCAD in AutoCAD

Object selection shortcuts enable you to select objects quickly and accurately. The following shortcuts can help you select objects with ease:

  • Select All: ALL

  • Deselect: DS

  • Window Selection: W

  • Crossing Selection: C

  • Fence Selection: F

  • Last Object: L

  • Quick Select: QSELECT

Text and Dimension Shortcuts in AutoCAD

Text and dimension shortcuts are important for adding text and dimensions to your drawings. The following shortcuts can help you add text and dimensions with ease:

  • Single-Line Text: DTEXT

  • Multiline Text: MTEXT

  • Dimension: DIM

  • Leader: LEADER

Miscellaneous Shortcuts in AutoCAD

Miscellaneous shortcuts can help you access various features and tools quickly and easily. The following shortcuts can help you navigate through AutoCAD with ease:

  • Layer Properties: LAYER

  • Command Alias Editor: CUI

  • Object Snap: OSNAP

  • Object Snap Settings: OS

  • Polar Tracking: POLAR

  • Object Properties: PROPERTIES

  • Hatch: H

  • Insert Block: I

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