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Solidworks training in Hyderabad

Soliworks Training In Hyderabad

Introduction To Solidworks


Solidworks is a 3D modeling, parametric application software. It improves visualization, collaboration, and innovation, besides improving efficiencies in every downstream function of the product development process. It has both parametric and direct modeling capabilities. SolidWorks is known for its user-friendly GUI with quick-to-understand features that come in handy for design development.


Scope of Solidworks Course


The course teaches you how to use SolidWorks for planning, visual ideation, modeling, feasibility assessment, and prototyping. You will learn how to design and build mechanical, electrical, and software elements in your design. Training will be given in the following skills:

  • Sketch creation tools

  • Sketch editing tools

  • Part modeling features

  • Part editing features

  • Assembly modeling

  • Surface modeling

  • Sheet metal design

  • Weldment design

  • Drawing views & annotations

  • Model visualization


Job Roles After Learning


Solidworks has a large community of users, and employers frequently seek candidates with SolidWorks experience.

Students well versed in SolidWorks are placed as:

  • SolidWorks Design Engineer

  • SolidWorks Application Engineer

  • PDM Application Engineer

  • Project Engineer - SolidWorks

  • Design Engineer(Mechanical)

Syllabus for Solidworks Training in Hyderabad


Session 1:

  • Introduction to CAD, CAE, PDM

  • Introduction to Solidworks

  • Features of SolidWorks

  • Various products available in SolidWorks for Product Design, Simulation, Communication

  • SolidWorks Graphical User Interface: Feature manager design tree, Callouts, Handles, Confirmation corner, mouse buttons, keyboard shortcuts, Command Manager,

  • Hardware and Software Requirements, SolidWorks Task Scheduler, SolidWorks Rx

Session 2:

Sketch Entities: Inference line, Centerline line, Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Rectangle, Slots, Polygon, Parabola, Ellipse, Partial Ellipse, Spline, Spline tools, Spline on the surface, Equation driven curve, Points, Text, Construction geometry, Snap, grid


Session 3:

  • Sketch Tools: Fillet, Chamfer, Offset, Convert entities, Trim, Extend, Split, Jog, Mirror, Dynamic Mirror, Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Sketch pattern

  • Make a path, Close Sketch To Model, Sketch picture, Check Sketch for Feature, Area hatch/Fill

  • Blocks: Make block, Edit block, Insert a block, Add/Remove Entities, Rebuild, Save, Explode

  • Relations: Adding Sketch Relation, Automatic relations

  • Dimensioning: Smart, Horizontal, Vertical, Ordinate, Horizontal ordinate, Vertical ordinate, Align ordinate, Fully define sketch

  • Sketch Diagnosis, SketchXpert, 3D Sketching, Rapid Sketch


Session 4:

  • Part Modeling Tools

  • Creating reference planes

  • Creating Extrude features: Direction1, Direction2, From option, Thin feature, Applying draft, Selecting contours

  • Creating Revolve features: Selecting Axis, Thin features, Selecting contours

  • Creating Swept features: Selecting, Profile and Path, Orientation/twist type, Path Alignment, Guide Curves,

  • Start/End tangency, Thin feature


Session 5:

  • Creating Loft features: Selecting Profiles, Guide curves, Start/End Constraints, Centerline parameters, Sketch tools, Close loft.

  • Selecting geometries: Selection Manager, Multiple Body concepts

  • Creating Reference: Points, axis, coordinates


Session 6:

  • Creating curves

  • Split curve, Project curve, Composite curve, Curve through points, Helix and Spiral

  • Creating Fillet features

  • Inserting Hole types


Session 7:

  • Creating Chamfer

  • Creating Shell, Creating Rib

  • Creating Pattern: Linear pattern, Circular pattern, Sketch driven pattern, Curve driven pattern, Table driven pattern, Fill pattern, mirror


Session 8:

  • Assembly Modeling Tools

  • Introduction to Assembly Modeling & Approaches: Top down and Bottom up approach

  • Applying Standard Mates: Coincident, Parallel, Perpendicular, Tangent, Concentric, Lock, Distance, Angle


Session 9:

  • Generating Drawing Views

  • Introduction To Angle Of Projection

  • Generating Views: Generating Model View, Projected Views, Inserting Standard 3 View

  • View creation relative to model, Inserting predefined views, empty views, Auxiliary Views, Detailed Views, Crop view, Broken –Out Section, Broken Views, Section View, Aligned Section View, Alternate Position View, Working assembly specific view, Drawing properties, Manipulating views


Session 10:

  • Sheet Metal Design

  • Concepts in Sheet metal design bend allowance bend deduction, K-factor

  • Inserting Base Flange, Sheet Metal Tab, Edge Flange, Miter Flange, Hem, Jog

  • Creating Break Corner/Corner Trim, Closed Corners, Rip

  • Inserting Sketched Bend, Fold/Unfold, Forming Tools

FAQs about the Solidworks Course in Hyderabad

1. Who can take up this Solidworks course?

Students and graduates of mechanical engineering can take up this Solidworks course with a certificate.


2. Who is eligible to take the Solidworks online course?

The SolidWorks online course is suitable for mechanical engineering students and graduates who wish to obtain a certificate.


3. Do I receive a certificate after completing the Solidworks course?

Yes, upon completion of the SolidWorks course, you will receive a course completion certificate. The top 5% scorers will also receive a merit certificate in addition to the course completion certificate.


4. How can I get help with any doubts during the Solidworks course?

You can avail of email and forum support to get your queries cleared.


5. Who has developed the Solidworks course?

Industry experts with experience in this domain have designed the online Solidworks course to make it relevant to the industry.

Do I need to work on any projects to complete the SolidWorks online course?

Yes, you will have to work on two industry-relevant projects during the duration of the SolidWorks certification course.


6. Who can take up this Solidworks online course from BK Engineering?

Students and graduates of mechanical engineering can take up this Solidworks online course with a certificate.


7. Is this SolidWorks course an online program by BK Engineering?

Yes, this Solidworks online course is a 100% online course provided by BK Engineering.


8. What is the duration of this Solidwork course by BK Engineering?

This is a 12-week program offered by BK Engineering.


9. What are the plans available for this Solidworks course by BK Engineering?

The basic plan would give you two months of access, the pro plan would give you four months of access, and the premium plan would provide you with lifetime access. You can choose a plan based on your requirements.


10. How can I clear my queries if I have any doubt while pursuing this Solidwork course online from BK Engineering?

You can clear your queries with email and forum support provided by BK Engineering.


11. Who designed this Solidworks course by BK Engineering?

Industry experts in this domain have designed this online Solidworks course to make this course industry-relevant, provided by BK Engineering.


12. Do I need to work on projects for completing this Solidworks online course by BK Engineering?

Yes, you will work on two industry-relevant courses during the duration of this Solidworks certification course offered by BK Engineering.

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