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Introduction of Staad Pro

STAAD is the abbreviation for Structural Analysis and Design Program. STAAD.Pro is one of the popular software packages that is used for analysing and designing structures like buildings, towers, bridges, industrial and utility structures. STAAD.Pro Connect Edition includes a new Physical Modeling Workflow that enables designers to quickly and accurately model structural elements (such as girders, multi-story columns, and slabs/walls) as they will be physically constructed.

Scope of Course Staad Pro

The course teaches you how to use STAAD.Pro Connect Edition for all types of structural analysis of a building. You will also learn to use the software to design structures for bridges, towers, buildings, transportation, industrial and utility structures. You will be well versed in tasks such as performing structural analysis and design of a RCC building, designing beams and columns, and other types of analysis. Training will be given in the following key skills:

  • Modeling of structures

  • Assigning properties

  • Loads & Load combinations

  • Bridge deck design

  • Static linear analysis

  • Response spectrum & Time history analysis

  • P-Delta & Buckling analysis

  • RC beam, Column design

  • Design of steel structures

  • Foundation design

Career Prospects / Job Roles after Staad Pro

STAAD.Pro is today\'s most used software in the civil engineering field especially in the construction industry. It is being widely used in analysing and designing structures such as bridges, buildings, towers, transportation, industrial, and various utility structures. The widespread use of STAAD.Pro has resulted in a high demand for qualified and knowledgeable STAAD.Pro professionals. Students and professionals well versed in STAAD.Pro are placed as

  • Design Engineer / Senior Engineer- Civil & Structural

  • Structural Design Engineer

  • AutoCAD Draftsman

  • STAAD Engineer

Staad Pro


₹ 12400


40 Hours


Syllabus for Staad Pro Courses in Hyderabad

Session 1:

1. Overview of Structural Analysis and Design

2. Overview to STAAD Pro Connect Edition

3. Overview of Fundamentals

4. GUI

5. Creating and opening a new file

6. Unit System & Coordinate system

7. Navigation & Mouse Controls

8. STAAD Editor

Session 2:

1. Grids & Types of Grids

2. Node Creation: Snap Node, Node table, at overlapping beams, Insert Node for single and multiple members, using STAAD Editor.

3. Beam Creation: Snap beam, using beam layout, connect beams along, Point to Point, Between Midpoints, Perpendicular Intersection, Curved Member and using STAAD Editor.

4. Structure Wizard: Units, creating truss, creating frame, creating continuous beam, creating cylindrical frame and beam model, Editing parameters, Transferring the model to STAAD Pro, adding items to the library.

Session 3:

1. Select Menu

2. Model Editing Tools for beam: Split, stretch, break, Merge, Renumber and Move

3. Model Editing Tools for node: Move, Merge & Renumber

4. Translational Repeat

5. Circular Repeat

6. Mirror

7. Rotate

8. View Tools

Session 4:

1. Material Specification

2. Section Profile Specification

3. Member Orientation

4. Member Specification: Axial Actions, Member end release, Member Offset

5. Support Specification

6. Group Specification

Session 5:

1. Creating a Primary Load, Adding Self weight

2. Nodal Load

3. Member Load: Uniform Force and Moment, Concentrated Force and Moment, Linear Varying Load, Trapezoidal Load, Hydrostatic Load, Pre/Post Stress

4. Area Load

5. Floor Load

Session 6:

1. Wind Load: Defining Wind Load, Wind Load case

2. Load Combination: Defining Load Combinations, Automatic Load Combination, Edit Auto Combination Rules

3. Introduction to Analysis

Session 7:

1. Introduction to FEM

2. Plate Generation: 3 or 4-noded 2D plates, Surface objects with holes

3. Add Plate: Triangular plate, Infill plates

4. Generate Meshing: Plate Meshing, Surface Meshing

5. Solid Generation: Solid 3D bricks from 4 to 8-noded

6. Composite Decks

7. Structure Wizard: Surface, Plate & Solid Models

8. Property Specification: Thickness

Session 8:

1. Plate Load: Pressure on Full Plate, Concentrated Load, Partial Plate Pressure Load, Trapezoidal Load, Hydrostatic Load

2. Element Joint Load,

3. Moving Load

4. Reference Load & Repeat Load

Session 9:

1. Batch Design Vs Interactive Design

2. Concrete Design in Staad Pro: Column Design, Beam Design

Session 10:

1. Steel Design in Staad Pro

2. Design of Overhead Transmission Line Towers. Report Generation

FAQs on Staad Pro Course

I can't decide if STAAD.Pro suits me? What do I do now?

Simple! Just call your nearest BK ENGINEERING outlet or send us an online inquiry through our website. Our counsellor will get in touch with you and offer technical advice and guidance on choosing the right course/s for your needs.

Is there any job related to Civil Engineering software, like AutoCAD or STAAD.Pro?

STAAD.Pro is widely used by civil engineers and is a pre-requisite in almost all civil engineering related industries. Knowing STAAD.Pro is definitely an advantage if you are looking for such jobs. Almost all jobs require knowledge of STAAD.Pro

Is STAAD.Pro popular in the Structural Engineering industry?

STAAD.Pro is extremely versatile and ideal for any kind of Industrial Structures (both for steel and R.C). The modelling can take care of any structural profile (conventional and non-conventional), end conditions and loading. In case of composite structures and for cold-formed steel structures.

What should we know before learning STAAD.Pro?

As the name says, this tool is for structural analysis and design. So before learning STAAD.Pro, the fundamentals of structural analysis & design should be clear. This is only helping tool which makes your life easier with analysis & design. For that, one has to model a structure in STAAD.Pro, and has to give input to the program.

What is the best way to learn STAAD.Pro?

BK Engineering provides comprehensive and industry specific training for many Civil CAD software including STAAD.Pro. Visit or call your nearest BK Engineering outlet and speak with our counsellor who will be able to guide you properly. Our trainers are all experienced in using the software and also imparting quality training to students.

What is the typical Fee charged for Staad Pro Training in Hyderabad?

The fee charged varies between online and offline classes. Generally you get the best quality at the lowest cost in the online classes, as the best tutors don’t like to travel to the Student’s location.

Does joining Staad Pro Training help?

It definitely helps to join Staad Pro Training in Hyderabad, as you get the desired motivation from a Teacher to learn. If you need personal attention and if your budget allows, select 1-1 Class. If you need peer interaction or have budget constraints, select a Group Class

Your Instructor

Bhargava Krishna

Meet our Civil CAD expert, with over 8 years of experience in the field, they bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise to the classroom. They have been trained in the latest tools and techniques in the industry, including AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUP, and StaadPro. Their passion for teaching and design shines through in their lessons, making complex concepts easy to understand and retain. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced engineer, our instructor will guide you through each step of the process and help you build your skillset to reach your goals. They believe in a hands-on approach to learning and will provide ample opportunities for you to apply what you learn through real-world projects and simulations. Join us for a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience, and take your Civil CAD skills to the next level.

Bhargava Krishna
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