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Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. It also entails applying data patterns toward effective decision-making. It can be valuable in areas rich with recorded information; analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming, and operations research to quantify performance.


The scope of data analytics in India is promising surely. India's data analytics business has grown rapidly over the last decade years as a result of the country's growing internet user base. By 2025, there will be over 900 million more people using the internet, which has already doubled since 2015.


  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Engineer

  • Quantitative Analyst

  • Data Analystics Consultant

  • Operation Analyst

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Project Manager

Data Analytics


₹ 24900


40 Hours

Download Syllabus

Syllabus for Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad

Introduction to Data and Data Science

  • Statistics 

  • Database theory

  • SQL(SQL Server Integration Services, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift)

Install (Prerequisites) 

  • Best SQL Practices

  • Loading the 'employees' Database

  •  Practical Application of the SQL SELECT Statement

  • Joints (Theory & Functions & Stored Procdures)

  •  Expanding on MySQL Aggregate Functions

  • Advance SQL Join's

  • SQL Subqueries & CTE's/ Temp Tables

  • View & Materialized Views

  • Stored Routines

  • The CASE Statement

  • Different Functions

  • ETL (Extract>Transform>Load)


  • Basic of Excel

  • Lookup & Funcitions

  • Sorting and Filtering

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Data Vizualization

  • Pivot tables and Charts


  • Introduction to Tableau

  • Installing desktop Tableau

  • Tableau help and online resources 

  • Tableau user interface

  • File types and data types in Tableau

  • Green pills and Blue pills in Tableau

  • Import/ Export files in Tableau

  • Live and Extracts Connections in Tableau

Power BI

  • Power BI Flow - Importing, Connecting and Transforming Data 

  • Creating relationships between related data sources

  • Building reports with various types of aggregations and filters

  • Types of visualizations in Power BI

  • Creating & Publishing  Interactive Dashboards

  • Programming (Python)

  • Python

  • Python fundamentals

  • Import data into Python

  • Clean and structure data in Python

  • Analyze data in Python

  • Automation

Programming (R)

  • Used Cases

  • Agile Scrum  (Work Flow)

FAQs on Data Analytics Course

What is data analytics?

Data analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing, extracting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling the data in the form of information that is essential for decision-making. This technique is useful in every area of the business. The main aim of data analytics is the conversion of raw data into useful information which involves different techniques like data mining, data integration, data visualization, and exploratory data analysis techniques.

What is the scope of data analytics in the future?

According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the data analytics sector create 11 million jobs by 2026, and in 2022, investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are about 33.49%.

Can I learn data analytics online?

 Absolutely yes, all the above courses are online courses. Taking online courses is convenient for all people who want to study at their own pace. Discipline is the determining factor for online courses.

What are the skills required for data analysts?

Structured Query Language (SQL).

Statistical Techniques and Programming.

Machine Learning.

Probability and Statistical Techniques.

Data Management.

Statistical Visualization.


What are the eligibility criteria to join data analytics courses?

For doing post-graduation in data analytics, you have to obtain a minimum of 50% marks in the respective degree in science or computer stream from a recognized university.


What is the eligibility to learn data analytics course?

Students must possess a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science / Data Science or a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (any discipline) from a recognized institute.

 What is the duration of this course?

The duration of this course is 1 month. It comprises of 40 hours of classroom or online & Offline sessions.

Does this data analytics course guarantee placement?

We offer end to end placement assistance to our students. We assist them in resume preparation and conduct several rounds of mock interviews. We circulate their resumes to reputed placement consultants with whom we have a long-standing agreement. Once placed we offer technical assistance for the first project on the job.


Your Instructor

Bhargava Krishna

Bhargava Krishna

Meet our experienced Data Analytics Instructor, with over 8 years of experience in the field of data analysis and visualization. They are well-versed in various tools and techniques used for data analytics such as Tableau, Power BI, SQL, and Excel. With their expertise, they have helped numerous students and professionals alike in gaining a strong understanding of data analysis and how to apply it to real-world problems. They have a passion for teaching and have a proven track record of delivering engaging and informative classes. Their industry experience, combined with their instructional skills, makes them a valuable resource for anyone looking to advance their skills in the field of data analytics.

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