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About the Course


Power BI certification helps you to master the Microsoft Power BI. This course provides the facility to learn from Industry practitioners through online Power BI training and master Power BI architecture, Desktop, Service, Mobile Apps, visualizations & reports. You will work on multiple real-life projects through our Power BI course and receive an e-book from Microsoft for Power BI that will help you crack the PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst exam.


The industries that mainly use Power BI as data visualizations are software or IT companies, hospitality industry, financial industry, management consulting services, retail sectors, staffing & recruitment industry. So, most well-known industries use Power BI as a data visualization tool.


Power BI professionals are expected to perform a wide range of tasks such as :

  • reporting, building dashboards,

  • building data models,

  • analyzing datasets, and

  • administration of Power BI tools.

Power BI


₹ 4999


40 Hours

Download Syllabus

Syllabus for Power Bi Courses in Hyderabad

1. Session: Course Introduction

Welcome to Power BI Course

Skills Covered

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics High level Overview

Introduction to Power BI

Different Power BI Offerings

Installing Power BI

2. Session: Get Data From Different Data Sources

Identify and Connect to a Data Source

Change Data Source Settings

Select a Shared Dataset

Select a Storage Mode

Choose an Appropriate Query Type

Use Microsoft Dataverse

Use Parameters

Use or Create a PBIDS file

3. Session: Profile The Data

Identify Data Anomalies

Examine Data Structures

Interrogate Column Properties

Interrogate Data Statistics

4. Session: Clean Transform and Load the Data

Resolve Inconsistencies Unexpected or Null Values and Data Quality Issues

Apply User friendly Value Replacements

Evaluate and Transform Column Data Types

Apply Data Shape Transformations to Table Structures

Combine Queries

Apply User friendly Naming Conventions to Columns and Queries

Leverage Advanced Editor to Modify Power Query M code

5. Session: Design a Data Model

Define the Tables

Configure Table and Column Properties

Flatten out a Parent child Hierarchy

Define Role playing Dimensions

Create a Common Date Table

6. Session: Develop a Data Model

Apply Cross filter Direction and Security Filtering

Create Calculated Tables

Create Calculated Columns

Implement Row level Security Roles

Set up the Q and A Feature

7. Session: Optimize Model Performance

Remove Unnecessary Rows and Columns

Identify Poorly Performing Measures Relationships and Visuals

Improve Cardinality Levels

Optimize DirectQuery Models

Create and Manage Aggregations

Use Query Diagnostics

8. Session: Create Reports

Add Visualization Items to Reports

Choose an Appropriate Visualization Type

Format and Configure Visualizations

Apply Slicing and Filtering

Add an R or Python Visual

9. Session: Create Dashboards

Set Mobile View

Manage Tiles on a Dashboard

Configure Data Alerts

Use the Q and A Feature

Add a Dashboard Theme

Pin a Live Report Page to a Dashboard

10 Session: Enhance Reports to Expose Insights

Perform Top N Analysis

Explore Statistical Summary

Use the Q and A Visual

Add a Quick Insights Result to a Report

Use the Play Axis Feature of a Visualization

Personalize Visuals

11 Session: Perform Advanced Analysis

Identify Outliers

Conduct Time Series Analysis

Use Groupings and Binnings

Use the Key Influencers to Explore Dimensional Variances

Use the Decomposition Tree Visual to Break Down a Measure

Apply AI Insights

12. Session: Manage Datasets

Configure a Dataset Scheduled Refresh

Configure Row level Security Group Membership

Configure Incremental Refresh Settings

Promote or Certify Power BI Datasets

FAQs on Power BI Course

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics solution owned by Microsoft. Analysts use it for data visualization, draw insights from it, and share the dashboards and visual reports across the organization. Moreover, one can access these reports sitting at their workplace or anywhere through Power BI apps offered by Microsoft.

How do beginners learn Power BI?

Power BI is a power business intelligence tool and beginners should first understand the concepts of data visualization before starting to use it. BK Engineering Power BI course online certification is one of the best resources beginners can pick to learn it from scratch.

Is this training material suitable for the Microsoft PowerBI certification exam?

Yes, our Power BI certification course training material is aligned with the syllabus of the Microsoft Power BI certification exam and helps you pass it in your first try.

What if I miss a class?

You can always join any of our recurrent live classes conducted in batches or we can provide you with backup classes to make up for the missed class.

What about Power BI Training in Hyderabad Demo classes?

You can attend demo classes at BK Engineering and understand the method of teaching before enrolling yourself in the Power BI course.

What are the modes of Power BI Training in Hyderabad?

BK Engineering provides three modes of training – Classroom training, online training and weekend training. You can choose the one that best suits your convenience.

What about Power BI Training in Hyderabad Placement?

We will provide assistance and guidance throughout the course completion for getting you placed easily. With our training approach you can easily get the knowledge and easily crack interviews while attending job trials. We will also forward your resume with our tied-up companies.

Do you provide Power BI Training in Hyderabad certification?

We will provide certification after the course completion and with the knowledge from the training program, you will easily qualify in the exam.

Can I get a refund if I back out of the program midway?

A refund can only be issued within the first 3 days of enrolment, after which no refund will be encouraged.


Your Instructor

Bhargava Krishna

Bhargava Krishna

Meet our experienced Data Analytics Instructor, with over 8 years of experience in the field of data analysis and visualization. They are well-versed in various tools and techniques used for data analytics such as Tableau, Power BI, SQL, and Excel. With their expertise, they have helped numerous students and professionals alike in gaining a strong understanding of data analysis and how to apply it to real-world problems. They have a passion for teaching and have a proven track record of delivering engaging and informative classes. Their industry experience, combined with their instructional skills, makes them a valuable resource for anyone looking to advance their skills in the field of data analytics.

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