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Microsoft Power BI Skills Assessment Resources

In today's data-driven world, having proficient skills in data analysis and visualization is essential for professionals across various industries. Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that enables individuals to analyze data, gain insights, and make informed business decisions. If you are looking to enhance your Power BI skills or assess your current level of expertise, this article will provide you with valuable resources and guidance.

Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics tool that enables users to visualize and analyze data from various sources. It offers a user-friendly interface, powerful data modeling capabilities, and a wide range of visualizations to present insights effectively. Power BI allows individuals to connect to multiple data sources, transform data, and create interactive reports and dashboards.

Power BI Sample Reports

1. Sales & Returns

2. Competitive Marketing Analysis

3. Corporate Spend

Employee Hiring and History

Revenue Opportunities

Store Sales

Regional Sales Sample

Customer Profitability

This industry sample analyzes a CFO's key metrics for the company's executives, products, and customers. You can investigate what factors affect the company's profitability.

Human Resources / Employee Hiring and History sample

This industry sample focuses on the hiring strategy for a company by analyzing new hires, active employees, and employees who have left. By exploring the data, you can find trends in voluntary separations and biases in the hiring strategy.

IT Spend Analysis / Corporate Spend sample

In this industry sample, analyze the planned versus actual costs of the IT department of a company. This comparison helps understand how well the company planned for the year and investigate areas with huge deviations from the plan. The company in this example goes through a yearly planning cycle, and then quarterly it produces a new Latest Estimate (LE) to help analyze changes in IT spend over the fiscal year.

Opportunity Analysis / Revenue Opportunities sample

This industry sample explores a software company's sales channel. Sales managers monitor their direct and partner sales channels by tracking opportunities and revenue by region, deal size, and channel.

Procurement Analysis sample

This industry sample analyzes a manufacturing company's spending on vendors by category and location. You can investigate who the top vendors are, what categories the company spends the most on, and which vendors give the best discounts.

Regional Sales sample

This industry sample contains a report for a fictitious company named Contoso. The Contoso sales manager created this report to understand their products and regions' key contributors for revenue won or loss.

Retail Analysis / Store Sales sample

This industry sample analyzes retail sales data of items sold across multiple stores and districts. The metrics compare this year's performance to last year's in these areas: sales, units, gross margin, variance, and new store analysis.

Sales and Marketing / Competitive Marketing Analysis sample

This industry sample analyzes a manufacturing company, VanArsdel Ltd. It allows the Chief Marketing Officer to watch the industry and the market share for VanArsdel. By exploring the sample, you can find the company's market share, product volume, sales, and sentiment.

Supplier Quality sample

This industry sample focuses on one of the typical supply chain challenges: supplier quality analysis. Two primary metrics are at play in this analysis: total number of defects and the total downtime that these defects caused. This sample has two main objectives:

  • Understand who the best and worst suppliers are, with respect to quality.

  • Identify which plants do a better job finding and rejecting defects, to minimize downtime.

Practice Questions for Power BI


In conclusion, Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool for data analysis and visualization, and having proficient skills in Power BI can greatly benefit your career. By assessing your skills and utilizing the available resources, such as online courses, practice datasets, community forums, official documentation, and user groups, you can enhance your Power BI expertise and become a more effective data analyst or business professional.

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