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Python is a simple yet powerful programming language. Its simple syntax makes Python easy to learn. Also, this language integrates well with all types of programming models, such as imperative, object-oriented, and procedural. Python has efficient high-level data structures. It is used in mechanical engineering in the areas of numerical analysis, thermodynamics, and computational fluid dynamics.

Scope of Course:

This course teaches the language and syntax of Python and its applications in mechanical engineering. It covers the methods of writing automation scripts for CAD and using python scripts to set up and run finite element studies in Abaqus, a software application used for both the modelling and analysis of mechanical components and assemblies and visualising the results of finite element analysis.

Python Basics

Modules & Functions



Scientific Calculations


Free CAD

Abaqus Python script

Career Prospects / Job Roles:

The use of Python adds tremendous value to the resumes of mechanical engineers, as employers expect their engineers to possess the knowledge of integrating mechanical engineering concepts with a computer language like Python, and to simulate and automate concepts.



Python for Mechanical Training


12400 Rs


20 Days

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Syllabus for Python for Mechanical Courses in Hyderabad

Session1: Introduction 

  • Introduction to Python Programming  

  • Installation Procedure  

  • Edit Window  

Session 2: Python Basics 

  • Comments, Data Types  

  • Variables & Operations  

  • Standard Functions  

  • Decision Making & Repetitive Tasks  

  • Exercises included for Practice  

Session 3: Modules & Functions 

  • Modules  

  • User Functions  

  • User Module  

  • Exception Handling  

  • Exercises included for Practice  

Session 4: List 

  • Methods  

  • Strings as Lists  

  • Tuples  

  • Dictionary  

  • Exercises included for Practice  

Session 5: Strings 

  • String Literals  

  • Double Quotes, Escape Characters  

  • Raw Strings, Triple Quotes  

  • Indexing & Slicing strings  

  • In and not in & Methods  

  • startswith () and ends withCDD 

  • Essentialjoin () and split ()  

  • rjust (), ljust (), and center ()  

  • strip (), rstrip (), and lstrip () 

  • Exercises included for Practice 

Session6: Scientific Calculations 

  • Numpy 

  • Arrays 

  • SciPy 

  • Pandas 

  • Exercises included for Practice 

Session7&8: Matplotlib 

  • Types of Plots 

  • Image Functions, Axis Functions & Figure Functions 

  • Simple Plot 

  • PyLabModule, Object Oriented Interface 

  • Figure Class, Axes Class 

  • Multiplots, Subplots(), subplot2grid() 

  • Grids, Formating Axes, Settings Limits 

  • Trick & Trick Labels, Twin Axes 

  • Bar Plot, Pie Chart, Scatter Plot 

  • 3D Plotting, 3D Scatter Plot, 3D Contour Plot, 3D Wireframe Plot, 3D Surface Plot 

  • Working with Text, Put the Legend at various position 

  • Heatmap calendar using Numpy and Matplotlib 

  • Exercises included for Practice 

Session9: Free CAD 

  • Writing Python code 

  • Modules 

  • Part Scripting 

  • Modify shapes 

  • Boolean operations 

  • Explore shapes 

  • Edge analysis

  • Use a selection  

  • Loading and saving  

  • Macros  

  • Exercises included for Practice


Session 10: Abacus Python 

  • Abacus Scripting  

  • Replay Files  

  • Macros  

  • Abaqus PDE


FAQs on Python for Mechanical Course

Will this course help me learn Python?

This course on the BK Engineering platform best way to learn the Python language.

What is the duration of this Python course?

The duration of this online certification course is two months.

What is the mode of this online learning program?

The mode of this certification course is online.

How can students clear their doubts?

The doubt solving procedure is extremely easy. You get access to a professional engineer who can help you with doubts clarification via telephone or email support.

Can I take this certification course for free?

No, you cannot take this certification course for free.

Does the BK Engineering platform provide job guidance?

Yes, the BK Engineering platform provides job guidance to its post-graduate program students.

How can I get a refund for this online certification course?

To know about the refund policy, you must get in touch with the enquiry desk at the BK Engineering platform.

When can I start this certification course?

You can begin this certification course as soon as you pay the enrolment fee.

What are the career prospects after completing the Python course in Hyderabad with BK Engineering?

After successful completion of the Python online course in Hyderabad, you may apply for several opportunities such as—

Python Developer

Solver Developer

Why should I choose the Python course in Hyderabad with BK Engineering?

BK Engineering’s course is one of the best ways to learn Python as it teaches you all the versions of this open-source programming language while giving you practical work experience. You will also become competent in crucial concepts, data types and basic operators

What are the prerequisites for taking up the Python course in Hyderabad with BK Engineering?

The Python for mechanical engineers course is suitable for students who have a background in mechanical, automotive, and aerospace engineering.

What is the expected salary range after completing a Python course in Hyderabad with BK Engineering?

According to data revealed on Ambition Box, the average salary o